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Lorem ipsum, installation, 4x1,5 m, 2020. 

“We live in a world where there is more and more information, and less and less meaning.”
― Jean Baudrillard, Simulacra and Simulation

"Lorem ipsum" is installation created with aim to disorient the spectator, by providing narrow, but tall claustrophobic and dark space filled with endless, incomprehensible strings of hand-painted binary digits. It reflects the author's attitude that mass media and great amount of delivered information are being used as ideological apparatus. Given a lot of information, we are unable to read their ideological meaning, which puts as in a position of easy ignorant target of interpellation. 

Lorem ipsum is to be considered as a void to be fulfilled. As a metaphor of digital space and illusion of democratic freedom(s) created by it. As representation of fullness, which is rather emptiness we unconsciously suppress.

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